Cyanotype Workshop with Melissa Fry | Wednesday 5th February 2020


This two and half hour workshop will introduce you to the basics of the cyanotype printmaking-process discovered in 1842-using watercolour paper, cyanotype paint and light to create your own images. This process allows one to create beautiful Prussian blueprints -join me and learn about its history and chemistry.

  • Mix your own chemicals,
  • Coat your own paper
  • Learn how to expose a photographic image and get a little experimental.
  • Also using negatives printed onto acetate, torn paper, objects and hand-drawn abstract compositions created with lithographic crayons and Indian ink.
  • Take home 5 prints each from crisp photographic realness to soft impressionistic images.

*** All proceeds go towards supporting ‘engAGE’. An enterprise that’s piloting a new creative programme to support people with early-onset illness 65+ by providing wellbeing, confidence, and to make people feel more welcome. The goal is to run a series of creative workshops with people with Dementia and the older generation, partnering with charities and other organisations.