Eco Printing and Bundle Dyeing with Stemwell Workshop | Saturday 13th August


About this Event

Using fresh and dried flowers, leaves, botanical extracts and kitchen waste, you will learn to create pattern and print on fabric through the process of binding and steaming. There will be an overview of which plants are locally available for natural dyeing and eco printing with, and we will discuss how to prepare fabric by mordanting for long-lasting colour. A length of organic British silk will be provided along with smaller samples of cotton and wool to experiment with . You will leave with the knowledge and skills to continue experimenting at home, along with the length of eco-printed silk to make into a scarf, cushion or other project.

Please bring an apron, rubber gloves, notepad and pen.

All materials are provided but you are welcome to bring your own natural fabric either coloured or plain to experiment on. Silk and wool work particularly well.

Please note the class will run from 10am til 4pm with a break for lunch (not provided).

About Stemwell Workshop

Charlotte Llewellyn is a textile artist based in South London, and founder of Stemwell Workshop. She specialises in natural dyeing and quilting. Charlotte aims to connect traditional process with contemporary craft whilst focusing on sustainability and interaction with nature. All cloth has been reclaimed and all her colours are derived from plants either locally grown or ethically sourced. Taking inspiration from architecture, landscape, historical textiles and by honouring the tradition of patchwork as storytelling, Charlotte endeavours to breathe new life into old cloth, hoping to continue the narrative. Her work ranges from small functional items for the home, to large scale wall pieces. She also teaches workshops in natural dyeing and printing techniques, patchwork and hand quilting.