Meet the Maker with the Fandangoe Kid


The fifth workshop in our Meet the Maker series with the Fandangoe Kid will explore the intersection of age and beauty while trying to address and tackle some of the stereotypes which often plague this subject matter. The workshop will run from 6.30pm-9.30pm on the 13th December 2018.

About the Workshop

In this session we’ll look at age and its relationship to beauty, breaking the tightly bound taboos around the subject matter and seeking to reconsider the ageing process and the idea of truly knowing yourself to be one of the most beautiful things of all. Come and make a piece that says what you really feel about the journey of getting older.

After designing your own statement you will be shown how to create a paper cut screen printing stencil which will be used to print up a mini edition to take home, frame and display proudly. Each person attending the workshop will also be invited to participate in a group exhibition at Peckham Levels where their finished poster will be displayed alongside the work of The Fandangoe Kid. To book please select the available date from the calendar and click ‘Book Now’.

About The Fandangoe Kid

The Fandangoe Kid is a visual artist who challenges taboo subject matters through large scale narrative driven graphic installations. Following an enormous loss of family in 2011, her work focuses on tackling complex emotional taboos, telling honest yet tongue-in-cheek anecdotal stories about the human condition. She has created work on loss, survival and ritual for the Turner Prize series of events in Hull City of Culture 2017, two installations for Peckham Levels and is currently making a series of short films with director Tara Darby.

For more information follow @fandangoekid or visit