Introduction to Natural Dyeing with Stemwell Workshop | Saturday 16th July


Discover the beauty of natural colour using plants and botanical extracts. This is an introduction to the process where you will unearth the potential colour in plants that grow all around you. Using wool, peace silk, hemp, vintage linen and reclaimed cotton, you will learn to prepare these different fibres for dyeing. We will use readily available dyestuff such as onion skins, avocado pits, walnut shells and eucalyptus leaves. You will also learn to dye with various plant extracts such as madder and logwood. Later in the session we will broaden the spectrum of colour created by modifying the fabrics with iron, acid and alkaline baths. By the end of the workshop, you will take home a swatch-book of colours on all fabrics along with comprehensive notes detailing every process. You will leave fully equipped to continue experimenting at home. This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in working with textiles in a more natural, less toxic way or anyone who simply wants to try something new. It will hopefully enable you to connect more closely with your surroundings and appreciate the hidden colour available to you. All materials provided. Please bring an apron, rubber gloves, notepad and a pen.

The class runs from 10am til 4pm with a break for lunch (not provided).