Screen Printing Techniques – Dye, Discharge, Devoré


We will guide you through mixing up discharge, dye and devoré pastes, using a recipe and raw materials. 

You will then print your discharge, dye and devoré pastes onto separate fabric swatches.

You will then learn how to steam fix your prints in order to fix the dyes to the fabric, and activate the discharge. And bake your devore sample to burn out your design.

You will walk away with samples created with your unique design and understand the full process of printing with dyes, discharge and devoré.

Please send the artwork for your design no later than 26th November, the printable area on the screen is 40cm x 60cm so you can have one large design or several small ones to test the different techniques (please just send one file, 300dpi flattened pdf format). 



If you wish to make a devoré sample you must bring your own devoré fabric, sturdy rubber gloves (not thin latex) and a mask are essential.

When printing with devoré paste the area you print is the area that gets burned away, some designs may need to be inversed for optimal effect. 


You can bring your own fabric but it must be 100% cotton or 100% silk and dyed with dischargeable dye 


You can bring your own fabric if you wish but it must be 100% cotton or silk

Workshop will run from 6.00pm – 9:30pm please arrive at least 5 minutes early so that we can begin at 6pm

To book please scroll through the calendar and click the available date (highlighted in green) that you’d like to attend. All materials are provided including white/natural fabric and tea towels and cushion covers, if you’d like to supply you own fabric please check with us first to make sure that it’s suitable for screen printing with our inks. Terms and conditions apply.

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