Meet The Maker Series | Swirl Live | 10th August



Overcome worries and find flow through our unique creative screen printing workshop hosted by Swirl illustrator Nate Kitch and specialist printer Melissa Fry.

Overcoming overthinking involves grounding yourself in the here and now, labelling thoughts, action-planning solutions or strengthening your ability to release anxieties. It’s about moving forward; finding flow in hobbies, connecting with others, and thinking beyond ourselves. We hope to facilitate this journey with our Swirl Live screen printing workshop.

The two-hour workshops combines conversations around overcoming overthinking with the act of finding flow in learning the skill of screen printing.

At Swirl, we encourage the notion of making novelty routine through trying new things, promoting the importance of being inspired and stimulated in these uncertain times. All sessions include takeaway copies of our printed guide to managing worries to ensure participants build on what they have learnt after the session .You will also take away a beautiful piece of work you’ve created yourself!

This taster session to screen printing will teach you the basics of screen printing: designing a print, creating stencils, mixing colour palettes and printing your finished design using printing inks.

There is a maximum of 8 students per workshop so you will be given plenty of individual guidance to help develop your work.

No experience necessary, all materials are provided. (You may also bring your own paper to print on if you wish).

Please wear clothes you don’t mind Inky!

This workshop will run from 10am – 12pm.

About Swirl Live

Swirl is an outlet for those wishing to overcome overthinking in positive, proactive and practical ways. We provide evidence-based, uncomplicated and empowering guidance through vibrant, artful print and thoughtful real-life conversations.

Nate Kitch is An award-winning illustrator with regular work in The Guardian, New York Times, Esquire, Harper’s Magazine, New Statesman.

Melissa Fry trained as a Graphic Designer at Kingston University, honing in on printing processes and encouraging experimentation and group discussion. She creates environments that encourage cooperative learning in a relaxed atmosphere. Making connections through making and releasing everyone’s creativity is her passion.


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