Textile Lino Block Printing with Katka Studio | Saturday 7th December 2019


Workshop Structure

In this workshop we will be focusing on creating unique designs and patterns to print on  textiles using hand carved Linoleum block, a technique that dates back centuries.The workshop covers all aspects of the process in two halves. We will begin by focusing on the Linoleum surface itself specifically at techniques for design making and transferring designs onto the Lino block itself. For those unfamiliar with the medium, Linoleum is a material akin to semi hard clay. It processes a soft malleable surface which can be easily carved in to leaving behind a raised relief which when inked can be used for printing.

In the second half we will begin to focus on the playing and printing with blocks itself to create unique individual prints. Here our focus will be on creating unique prints by overlapping and playing with blocks itself. Vibrant color dyes will be used to create strong eye catching patterns which are finally be cured onto the fabric permanently by steam.  Each student should walk away with a set of hand printed unique beautiful Tea towels. So book yourself in and lets get printing.

Please bring your own apron, pen, notepad.

Please bring along a change of cllothes you don’t mind getting inky!

The class will run from 11:00am to 16:00pm with a break for lunch (lunch will not be provided)

About Katka

Katka Sestakova-Okusanya is a graduate of Birkbeck College, London University with a degree in History of Art. After graduation she took to printmaking and bought together her passion for the history of art and her love of traditional techniques of a cloth making. Techniques such as block printing, indigo dyeing and screen printing on fabric and paper are her chosen mediums to express an aesthetic connection with the narratives of textile traditions of India, Africa and Japan.

Her work as an artist focuses on the primordial and instinctive nature of block printing. She manipulates it to create a with the visual vocabulary focusing specifically on a Wabi Sabi aesthetic. She is currently, exhibiting in Japan and working on commission projects for soft furnishings.

For more information about Studio Bagru please visit www.katka-studio.co.uk






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