What is 3rd Rail Print Space?

3rd Rail Print Space is a brand new 4000sqft open access screen printing facility combining paper, t-shirt and fabric printing located in Peckham Levels, the refurbished multi storey car park.  The aim of the space was to build a comprehensive print hub and modern learning environment to make screen printing accessible to a new audience whilst providing a wealth of equipment for those already working in the medium.

We offer standard pay monthly memberships and for anyone looking for a more involved experience there’s the opportunity to take advantage of one of the 24 desk or 5 private studio spaces. Members have access to a commercial quality 6 colour garment carousel, a 3m tunnel dryer, two 6m x 1.5m fabric tables, 4 brand new paper tables one of which is capable of printing up to 1m x 1.5m, a stencil processing unit, enclosed exposure unit, washout and drying cabinet, bullet steamer and a huge 80cm x 100cm heat press.

Novices interested in learning how to print are invited to sign up to one of the single day workshops. Those wanting to build on existing knowledge on the other hand can enrol in one of the intermediate or specialist courses delivered by experienced on site technicians.


Who is 3rd Rail?

3rd Rail has been operating as a commercial screen printing studio for over 10 years completing projects for some of the most recognisable brands and illustrators in the world along the way. What started as a rented carousel in a studio not too dissimilar from 3rd Rail Print Space has grown into an expansive commercial unit delivering a wide range of garment decorating and paper editioning services including screen printing, embroidery, re-labelling and customisation.

The business has also continued to evolve in other ways. 2014 saw the opening of ABV our very first exhibition and with it came the birth of 3rd Rail Presents – the print publishing arm of the business. This was our opportunity to conceive and work with artists we love and showcase their prints at events including Pick Me Up and the London Illustration Fair. We’ve also taken screen printing further afield through our live print service popping up at product launches, exhibitions and fairs.