This year, it’s more important than ever to support small and local businesses, especially with many places having been in lockdown. Which is why we wanted to put together a gift guide together to shine spotlight on some of our members who run independent businesses, which we love.

Everything from Christmas cards to beautiful cushion covers, there is something for everyone.


Kick starting this blog post with Katy ChristiansonKaty is a freelance illustrator, greeting card designer and printmaker based in Peckham. Her work is detailed and intricate, and most inspired by the animal kingdom and travel. Katy’s shop this Christmas is really focussed on affordable wall art, but also her normal array of hand printed baby jumpsuits, notebooks and cards. Shop here.







Vita Mazarine

As a brand Vita Mazarine is passionate about creating organic, textural, and playful designs for lifestyle products and interior furnishings. Through fluid and gestural approaches to drawing, mainly mark-making, designs are transferred with traditional methods of screen-printing. The inspirations behind the work derive from natural surroundings, often looking for the imperfect or unusual aspects which nature provides. By immersing with nature, it allows reflection on the importance of well-being and lifestyle, thus creating scope for the design ethos of Vita Mazarine.

The perfect gift to inject a bit of pattern and colour into any room within your home. Shop here.







Rosie Odee

Rosie a signwriter and Illustrator based in London. Unique humorous hand drawn cards and prints, a perfect gift to make someone smile this Christmas. Shop here






Alex Poyner

Alex splits her time between working and living in South London as the head designer at Fairbairn and Wolf studio (FWS) creating prints for fashion and Emsworth where she feeds her passion for the coast by creating Seascape paintings and sterling silver jewellery.  Alex has been creating seascape paintings and screen prints for 8 years, always striving to capture the beauty of colour, motion and character of our British coastline and in particular Emsworth harbour. Alex strives to highlights the contrast in textures by exaggerating motion in the sea verses the sky.

Alex has a selection of greeting cards, painting and jewellery which would all make beautiful gifts. Shop here.



Kathyrn Heap 

Kate is a Peckham based printmaker, primary work based in etching with minimalist artworks inspired by various sources from film to humour, from tote bags to newly produced tapestry works made and open to personalised commissions. Shop here.




Rebecca Bright 

Beki Bright specialises in creating screen printed artist designed textiles for the home, providing hand crafted soft furnishing products and fabric.  Inspiration is rooted in heritage design, colour, nature and drawing. Experiences and interactions with the

rural countryside and folklore traditions are used as a springboard for her collections. Shop here.






As always, please spread the love with these stores, purchase from them if you can, and if not thats okay, simply follow them on Instagram and engage with what they put out there, it really does help 🙂 and please do share any more awesome independent artists and businesses with us.

Happy shopping!

3rd Rail Print Space x

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