Getting To Know These Fair Hands

We’re super excited to chat with Emma (These Fair Hands), a screen printer turned jeweller and a regular Meet the Maker here at 3rd Rail Print Space. We chat all things from statement earrings, who you should be following on social media and plans for 2020. If you’re curious too then read on!



Emma – Founder of These Fair Hands (TFH)



1. Can you tell us about yourself/what you do? 

Hello! I’m Emma, a screen printer turned jeweller, formally from Crystal Palace. I’ve recently moved to the Surrey burbs with my other half and our Podenco Norris so that I have more space to create mess! I work part-time for a Brixton based sustainable fashion brand helping with their marketing and design, leaving me the rest of the week to concentrate on my jewellery making. I started ‘These Fair Hands’, (TFH) in 2017, producing statement earrings from polymer clay, selling them at craft fairs and market stalls. It paid my way through education, where I learnt how to make silver jewellery, wax carvings and stone setting. In addition, I run small workshops, teaching the skills I have learnt along the way, helping the class create their own colourful earrings made from polymer clay.




2. What is your main source of inspiration? 

I’m massively inspired by the 80’s. I love looking back to that time where I spent a lot of my childhood at my parents second home in Menorca, (where I still go every year!) listening to music that made me so happy and dressing up in my mum’s clothes. She had the most amazing collection of statement earrings that have long since gone but I can still remember to this day. My new silver and gold collection is a recreation of those lovely memories.





3. When starting a new piece of work – what is your design/thought process? 

Many moons ago I studied illustration and before that fine art, so for me every idea starts with a sketch or a painting. My new designs started life as a collection of mix-media projects I set myself last year, which have slowly evolved into my new pieces. I want each piece to be a little individual work of art, so that no two are ever the same.





4. 3 Instagram accounts you feel everyone should be following? 

I try to keep up with my social media, but as with anyone working a couple of jobs and constantly knee deep in art materials knows it’s not always possible! I love the @lynnie.z account, I’ve had several of her prints over the last few years, I’m just so drawn to her 80’s style and colour palette. As I’ve just moved and planning my own in-house workshop, I also find myself gravitating to interior posts. My dream is to have a space like Charleston House’s studio where the Bloomsbury Group artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant lived and worked. @charlestontrust always have such visual posts and great guest artists, plus I love a bit of ‘brown signing’! The last account I would recommend is by no means creative, but it’s the one I look at the most, @hopeforpodencos a Spanish dog rescue centre. Their plight broke my heart and now we have a crazy 18 month old Podenco as a result!




5.What are you currently reading or listening to? 

Apart from a ton of 80’s playlists, I’m listening to the podcast ‘Dear Joan & Jericha’. All I can say is that it’s not for the faint hearted!



3rd Rail Print Space – Meet the Maker workshop 


6. Is there anything exciting coming up in 2020 that you’d like to tell us about? 

During 2020 I want to officially launch my new collection of silver, gold and stone studded treasures, plus maybe a little re-branding to go with it. I’m also going to start an advanced polymer clay workshop which I should have finalised by the summer. Exciting times ahead!



If you would like to get involved in our next Meet the Maker workshop with Emma on Thursday 20th February.

Click here to book.

You can follow These Fair Hands here.


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