3rd Rail Crosslinker


3rd Rail Crosslinker can be used to considerably reduce the time of curing pigment prints. It is compatible with most of our textile binder systems. 3rd Rail Crosslinker is particularly useful where dryers have insufficient dwell time or little curing equipment is available. (Still requires a level of heat to cure, cold curing not recommended).

3rd Rail Crosslinker can be used at varying concentrations, depending on the product into which it is to be added, but as a general rule do not exceed 20g/kg. Trials should be carried under specific printing conditions to arrive at the correct addition level. Once added to a print paste, 3rd Rail Crosslinker will remain active for a maximum of 8 hours. The print paste stability is not adversely affected and the system can be reactivated by a further addition of Crosslinker.

Perfect for at home printers to achieve a high quality print product.

Please wear health and safety equipment when using this additive.


Additional information

Weight N/A

250ml, 500ml

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