3rd Rail Graphic Emulsion


3rd Rail Graphic Emulsion is Diazo sensitised water and solvent resistant Direct Emulsion.

This emulsion is formulated to provide unequalled exposure latitude and ease of de-coating, even if underexposed and used with aggressive inks and wash-up solvents. The high solids content provides good stencil build per coat, excellent mesh bridging, and fast drying.

Gives excellent definition with halftones especially giving high print quality, which means its a perfect match for graphic printers needs, perfect for the finest of artwork.

This emulsion come with a Diazo Sensitiser in powder form meaning it has a 2 month shelf life once mixed. Please wear a mask and gloves when mixing and using the emulsion.

Our Team has expertly tested the optimum exposure for this emulsion, please do not hesitate to ask us if you struggle to develop your screens within your own set-up we would be happy to help.


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