Fourpure Brewing on Beer, Design and Business Investment

The 3rd Rail Print Space launch is just around the corner and we couldn’t thank Fourpure enough for sponsoring drinks for the event. Their progressive approach to brewing has led them to be named 2017 Brewery Business of the Year at the Society of Independent Brewers annual awards. We had a quick chat with the family owned and run business about the inspiration behind Fourpure can designs and their advice on running a new company.


You have a very strong brand identity. What inspires your can designs?

All of our cans are inspired by Adventure, Dan and Tom (the owners) spent their youth travelling all around the world, so the styles of beer are global, from American Pale Ales to Southern Latitude which uses Antipodes flavours.

Do you have a favourite artist/designer you would love to collaborate with?

Personally I would love to work with Hugo Yoshikawa who is an artist based in East London, he combines his Japanese and French heritage to create his own completely unique style.

Fourpure has established itself as one of the leading craft breweries in London and the UK just in four years, do you have any advice for 3rd Rail Print Space as a new business?

Until you are a household name, keep investing everything you make back into the business, owners can get greedy and be happy that they are earning a good amount of money, but in the long run it’s financially more sensible to reinvest that money into growing the business.

You’ve been involved in a lot of events and projects last year, what’s been your favourite?

Peckham Record Store Day was amazing, the weather was insane so that probably helped!

Any exciting projects lined up for 2018?

We have things in the pipeline, January is generally the time that we start organising them so we will keep you posted!


Join us for a drink at 3rd Rail Print Space launch event at Peckham Levels, Unit 107, 95 Rye Lane, SE15 4ST, London.

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