We’re 3rd Rail Print Space and we’re launching London’s biggest open access screen printing facility in the heart of Peckham. The 4000sqft unit will combine paper, fabric and t-shirt printing along with desk and private studio spaces. Our dream is to build a comprehensive print hub and modern learning environment capable of facilitating everyone from curious novices to seasoned print professionals.

What do we want to achieve?

We really want to create a modern and inclusive space for anyone who loves printing in the hope of supporting creatives in making a living out of their screen printed products. We are excited about the possibility of exchanging and sharing ideas with people who are just as passionate and curious as us.

3rd Rail Print Space

What will be inside the space? 

We really want the studio to be a space that our members and visitors love printing in so want to invest in loads of brand new equipment. That means no wonky paper tables, rusty drying racks or damaged screens. The new equipment will include: commercial quality 6 colour garment carousel, a 3 metre tunnel dryer, two 6 metre by 1.5 metre fabric tables, 4 brand new paper tables one of which is capable of printing up to 1 by 1.5 metres, a stencil processing unit, enclosed exposure unit, washout and drying cabinet, bullet steamer and a huge 80 x 100cm heat press.



What is Peckham Levels?

Located in the heart of South London Peckham Levels is a refurbished multi storey car park providing work space for independent creatives, small businesses and emerging artists. For the next 6 years they will be occupying the underused space inside the town centre car park, building a new creative workshop and cultural destination. 3rd Rail Print Space will be one of the new ventures joining Peckham Levels in January 2018.


Peckham Levels

Who is 3rd Rail?

3rd Rail is a multifaceted screen printing studio with over 10 years experience providing a spectrum of services including garment printing and customisation, fine art editioning, live print and an online garment pre-sale platform.

We started out as one rented t-shirt carousel has over 10 years evolved into an expansive studio priding itself in delivering a world class garment and paper printing serving everyone from independent fashion labels to the most recognisable brands in the world.

You can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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