What is an open access membership?

This is our most popular membership option and includes 50 open access hours to use at 3rd Rail Print Space. The studio is open from 7am-12am and members can use their monthly 50 hour quota to book onto one of the 4 paper tables, 2 fabric tables or 6 arm t-shirt carousel within this daily window. Screens can be prepared outside of this time and top-ups can be purchased if members exceed the monthly allowance. An open access membership also includes:

  • x2 free screens*.
  • Access all areas (including large format heat press, bullet steamer, infra-red baker, kitchenette)
  • Free Wi-fi.
  • Bike Storage within Peckham levels.
  • Opportunity to participate in exhibitions and open studio events.
  • Special Discount offers throughout Peckham levels.