Peckham Levels Launch Party Highlights

Peckham Levels is now open! Thanks to everyone who made it down to the launch party on Friday and stopped by our screen printing station, we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did! The venue was bursting with amazing food and drink from independent traders, pop up events, exhibitions and talks. If you couldn’t make it, fear not, we’ve created a video from a gallery of photos from the event. Carry on reading to watch a short video of us live printing festive designs by Supermundane.

3rd Rail Print Space Live Screen Printing 

Visitors had a chance to screen print their own tote bag or Christmas card designed by Supermundane. Check out the video how it went:



Peckham Levels vendors and contributors

Peckham Levels has been building up the excitement by sharing pictures of a mural designed and created by local artist Linda Scott. According to the artist, the background fade colours are a tribute to the many sunsets that we’ve all seen from the roof of the building at Frank’s Cafe.

Peckham Levels Mural by Linda Scott


We’ve been looking forward to seeing (and taking a few Instagram snaps of) the new Alexander Owen Architecture colour installation stretching all the way up to the top floor. Never has walking 7 flights of stairs been so fun.


Installation by Alexander Owen Architecture


The newly transformed car park has become a home to a number street food vendors. To name a few: 100% vegan Pizzeria Picky Wops, Hawaiian-inspired Lords of Poke,  contemporary Kurdish eatery, Nandine, and many more. Peckham Levels also has a creative range of bars, including Near & Far Bar and WEST.



In addition to food and rink vendors, Peckham Levels hosts LEVELSIX Studios, a yoga and wellbeing studio, and The Movement Factory, an award-winning community dance empire. LEVELSIX celebrated Peckham Levels opening with free yoga sessions and live music. We also got to see the opening of charismatic Cahoona’s Hair Hub situated on the the 6th floor.



Just over a week left to pledge and help us build London’s biggest open access screen printing studio. Please support and share our campaign:

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